How Often Do You Need to Cut Baby’s Nail?

The nail of a young baby grows well, but if a nail is long, it can cut a face to be cut without knowing it. Not only that, but it is not good for your health if you put a finger with germs under your fingernail in your mouth, so you need regular nail care.

Baby nails, when to shave?

Baby’s fingernails grow faster than you think, so you can scratch your face as soon as you get hurt. So it is better to shave it in a bright place twice a week. I do not have to cut my nails because I use a handkerchief until about one month after birth. The best timing for shaving nails is when the baby is asleep after taking a bath, the nails and claws become soft and easier to mow. It is also good to shave at a sleeping time when there is little flipping. After finishing the nail, it is finished by applying oil to the tip of the fingernail. This will soften the fingernail and prevent it from hurting the face. The toenails grow relatively late, so you only have to cut them once a month.

Importance of baby nail care

Risks of bacterial infection
The baby touches his or her hands in his or her mouth unintentionally and sucks his fingers. Therefore, your nails should be kept clean. Infection with germs can cause not only fever but also enteritis.

Skin wounds caused by nails
A vicious cycle can continue with scratching or scratching with the fingernails. Therefore, the nails should always be kept short and clean so that the baby does not scratch the skin. Especially if the baby has atopic dermatitis. Do not forget that one of the causes of secondary infection is scratching the wound with a nail.

Cut baby nails

1. Getting ready
Wipe the nail clippers with gauze disinfectant and prepare a towel on the floor.

2. Nail clipper
Since the nail may bounce, lay a towel on the floor, hold the thumb tip and index finger of the fingernail to be cut and cut a little from the edge of the nail. Shave the white horny parts in two or three times and cut them slowly.

3. Toenail clipper
Lay a towel under the claws, catch the toes, and cut them from the corner of the claws.

When cutting a nail, it is not good to shave a round or sharpen both ends of a baby’s nail. If you cut both ends deeply, it is prone to irritation, so it is better to cut it in a straight line, cut off both ends and then trim it well. If you are afraid to cut your baby’s nails if you are going to hurt your fingernails, it is a good idea to cut them off with the help of your husband.