Health Care for a Baby Born in Winter – 6 Ways to Control Body Temperature

In winter, when there is a large temperature difference between the indoor and the outdoor, there is a possibility that the disease will be affected in winter. Newborn babies with sensitive skin and poor control of their temperature need more careful care. What should your mother know to be healthy in the cold winter?

Winter newborn care practice

When taking care of a baby born in the winter, care should be taken to maintain the temperature and to control the temperature and humidity in the house. Newborns have weak immunity and can not move themselves because they can not heat themselves, so the temperature can easily drop or rise. When you heat it, the interior becomes drier. I set my clothes on to adjust the humidity and turn on the humidifier. However, my baby’s skin, which has been wandering for a while, is getting rusty, it gets clogged and gets cold.

1. Body temperature control

Body temperature is closely related to the external environment. Newborns born in winter often have sicknesses such as colds or nasal congestion, which are often caused by insufficient room temperature or too dry. The temperature inside the room is 22 ~ 24 ℃ and the humidity is about 45%. Put on a hygrometer and take a habit of checking room temperature and humidity from time to time. When the weather gets cold, it increases the heating temperature, which is not good for newborn babies. If the room temperature is high, the body temperature may rise, causing a fever, breathing, and respiration.

2. The interior curtain is double padded

If it is a room with a lot of laughter, I would like to install a thin curtain and a thick curtain in a window. To prevent cold air from entering the inside of the thin cloth gap, the thick cloth creates a warm air layer to create a warming effect. It is also a method of attaching the popular high-temperature insulation air cap to the window recently. Spray water on the windshield and attach the air cap. Insulating air cap and double curtain can be used together to enhance the insulation effect.

3. The covering is suitable for thin bedding

When the yoga is thick, the heat coming from the floor is appropriately blocked to maintain the constant temperature. You can put a towel on the yoghurt and clean it whenever you sweat it. It is good that the covering is not too thick, but it is surprising that the baby can be frustrated and the thermal effect is thick. Sometimes there are mothers who use electric plates because they are cold. It can cause not only electromagnetic waves but also low-temperature burns.

4. Maintain body temperature with sleeping vest and undergarments

When sleeping at night, put on pants on a bed jacket, sleep vests and shoes, and keep the proper temperature. Feet is the area where heat is most easily escaped from our body, so if your feet are warm, your whole body feels less cold.

5. The humidifier is used in dry evening hours

The inside of the humidifier is constantly humid because of the water, and because of the heat generated by the electric motor, warm environment can be created, which can become a hotbed of fungus. The humidifier should be turned on during the dry evening rather than all day. And it is better to put it a little higher, because the water vapor can be spread all over the room as it goes up, effectively raising the humidity. Let the water vapor of the humidifier not be exposed to the baby directly, and let it not touch the curtain or the carpet to prevent the growth of fungi and germs.

6. Ventilation is after 10:00 am, no later than 4:00 pm

Early and late hours are not suitable for ventilation because polluted air sits down to the ground at dawn and late at night. Place the baby in the room and close the door. Ventilate the entire living room once or twice a day for 10 minutes. If you use a heater, you should pay more attention to ventilation, so it is better to vent three or four more times than usual.