Is Your Baby’s Sleep Being Kept Safe?

Why pay attention to a safe sleeping environment

One of the hardest things that novice mothers have when they take care of babies is babies. As soon as the baby falls into a deep sleep, the mom takes a sigh of relief. By the way, I had been urged to put my baby to sleep, and my mother just missed something important. What is the effect of the sleeping environment on baby health while the baby is asleep?

The reason for checking the room temperature, checking the lights, checking the bedding, checking the height of the bed that the baby is lying on and the guard is because the sleeping environment is related to baby health, to be. If you are a mom, why do not you remember that my baby is sleeping safely now?

Benefits of sleep, immunity + key growth + brain development

Just as sleepy babies are smart and robust, a good night’s sleep can boost your baby’s growth and improve your immune system. Usually midnight to 2 am, while the baby is deeply asleep, the baby’s quality of growth hormone is secreted, which helps strengthen the immune system as well as growth and development of the baby.

Make a sleeping environment so that you can cover early and night as early as possible, and fall asleep at night. Be careful not to lose enough sleeping time for your age, to fall asleep too late, or to avoid sleeping environments such as room temperature and humidity. In particular, let’s not forget that a baby who is free to move freely is exposed to diseases such as a sleeping sleeping bag, a quilt kicking habit, and a night when the temperature drops, and the temperature control is immature and ultimately a cold or a colic.

Sudden infant death, the biggest cause is the wrong sleep environment

The most important thing to remember when you are baby is safety. You may have heard of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If a healthy baby under 1 year of age suddenly died without any sign or cause, it is considered a sudden infantile syndrome if the cause can not be determined.

The exact cause of sudden infant death has not been elucidated, but experts point out the wrong sleep environment as the greatest factor. Usually, when you choose baby bedding or mattresses, you will get fluffy. Putting a baby or a child on an overly soft bedding can be dangerous. Suddenly, the baby turns around and sleeps or sleeps on the bed, causing a sudden sudden infantile syndrome when it lasts for hours. When the baby breathe, the bedding is covered with carbon dioxide, which flows into the road body by the baby ‘s breathing, resulting in death due to lack of oxygen.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you lay your baby on the floor without any special reason, do not wrap your baby too warmly, do not allow your mother to smoke during or after pregnancy, sleep with the baby as much as possible, I recommend it.

Basic Conditions for Safe Sleep Environment

It is necessary to inspect the bed to ensure that babies are asleep and safe from various risks such as sudden infant death, cold or colic infections. Now, what should we get for a safe sleep environment?

First, avoid fluffy bedding or mattresses.
Before the stone is laid, place the baby on a hard, flat floor so that it can touch the baby, not lying on a couch or a soft bed. At this time, it is not possible to put on a prone position or lay down on the side. It is safest to sleep in a baby crib or baby bed. Ensure that the mattress is firmly and firmly attached to the bed, that the bed is not shorter than 6.5 cm, and that the space between the mattress and bed is within 3 cm. Lay your baby feet up against the bed feet.

Second, the room temperature is suitable at 18 ~ 20 ℃
When the baby sleeps, a room that is not too hot is not needed. A baby covered by a bedding easily sweats, and because of the inability to control his body temperature, he feels a chill with sweat. The room temperature is set at 18 ~ 20 ℃ and covers the blanket suitable for the season. If the baby is hot and sweating, strip off the blanket that the baby is covering one or more layers. In some cases, the baby may cover the bedding or wrap it up, but it is better to wear a sleeping bag instead of a futon.

Use childcare to help a safe sleeping environment

If you are still suspicious or worried about your sleeping environment, childcare items such as solid mattresses, soother nipples, and slipbacks may be helpful.

Item1 Solid Mattress
The safest sleep position for a baby is to lie down on his back. The baby that sleeps is healthier. What you need is a flat, solid mattress. You should always use a waterproof cover made of PVC material to ensure that it is free of tears and holes, and that it is clean and dry.

Item2 Toothpick
You can negatively think of the nipple nipple because it is harmful to your teeth or worried about what to do if you can not get it. But it is okay to use it if the baby sleeps comfortably through the nipple. When the baby falls asleep, when he falls asleep, the muscle loosens, and when the baby falls into a deep sleep, the nipple falls naturally from the mouth.

Item3 slip back
Sleeping bags, called sleeping vests, are used to keep the proper temperature of the baby during sleep, but also to protect the child from the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or suffocation, to be. It is a useful item to help infants sleep well as well as infants because they can prevent the colic by wrapping the baby warm when sleeping.